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Originally Posted by c.a.182
omg boys ask me this all the time! and my friend is over so maybe we can hep!

one secret would be act like you know somthing they don't know by smiling and having a sly look. dont say you know somthing they dont though. Also dont be all jittery and nervous shes your friend right? feel comfortable with her!

hope this helps
Hmm. well the thing about knowing something that she doesnt know is trouble for me. cuz im such an honest person and cant keep a secret. But I already have some girls that like me, but there is this one girl, that used to like me, now doesnt anymore. its a long story, but i want her to like me again. So umm I guess i should go back to normal. shy and not talking to anyone but then again thats sort of hard for me cuz i love talking to the ladies. anyways thanks for the advice c.a
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