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Originally Posted by rEpReSsIoN.?
Originally Posted by Webbeardthepirate
NO! Darn it. Woh many times do I have to write it. You DON'T have to use freedom of speech responsibly. represion THIS (rude gesture) you miscapitolized loon, I will not stay quiet while some one tells me my FREEDOM has to be used responsibly, since you seem to think you get to define responsible. Well, you don't get to. That is why it is a FREEDOM. FREE, without restrictions, exceptions, provisos, subclauses, or responsibility. The only limit on such things are when I would do actual bodily harm to another. That's the crowded theater example. But a free press can only harm some one if I throw them into the actual machine.

Thats why a religeon calling for human sacrafice can be kept from performing the human sacrafice. But they are free to believe they ought to. In the US such a religeous group would even be free to petition the government to allow them to have their sacrafices, and publish books about how great everything would be if only they were permited to make their blood sacrafices. Its free of domination, freedom, FREEDOM!

What the HELL is wrong with you people? This is what makes western civilization western civilization. It's what makes us BETTER then them. Yes, BETTER! We're better then those ignorant savages. Instead of saying the danes ought not have done what they done, you should support them demanding payment for the damage to their embasies. If any one had been killed it would have been an act of WAR against the Danes. We need to be more responsible? US? We're in the right. They have WRONGED us, not the other way around. This is like some sort of Orwellian Nightmare. We are Bet-ter! We don't need to appologize for excersizing our beloved freedom.
Man straps a bomb to his chest and you give him a great big hug so you can blow up together. What is this country comming too?
Ok I back my opinion with a little (true) story Ok
A week ago a stupid man denied the Holocaust ever happened in Austria and was sentenced to jail. That's not freedom of speech, he was sent to jail for something he said (around 20 years ago).
So we do need to use freedom of speech in a way to not insult anyone.
a while ago a teacher at a university in the unitedstates denied the holocaust ever happend. because in AMERICA we have the right of freedom of speech, he was fired from his job I'm sure, but not punished by law. So that just gives more evidence to my argument. Regardless of the freedoms we have in america, its a differnt world in forign countries, therefor to argue freedom of speech from an american standpoint is like arguing dogs are better then cats. It, in no way, helps the debate.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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