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Default United States Ports/Dubai

Originally Posted by Matt*~777
It rele bugs me that recently he sold or did something of that nature the ports of New York and New Jersey and other places. He was selling it to i think some arab country. I find this the stupiest thing he has ever done and it has angered many many many Americans. He deserves to be impeached lol
what good will come out of bushes impeachment, it will just get worse and worse, it will cause way to much trouble. You misunderstand, a privet company from Dubai a city in the UAE, an arab nation is buying about 21 ports world wide, I believe 6 of which are major ports in the united states. The united states congress is resenting the trasaction because they feel that Dubai owned US ports would leave us open to terror attacks. I for one agree that this leaves us rather open to attack, but I trust the white house's choice, and I think that if the bush administration allows this, then they must feel the UAE is safe. So I side with President Bush. After all, we don't want to send out the message that American Markets are closed to International business.

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