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Please, give me solid, reliable, proof that God doesn't exist. See? The argument works both ways.

And I stated this before about evolution: People who have studied realize that the whole creation story is metaphorical.

I agree with you about the blowing up abortion clinics and sniping abortion doctors thing. Anyone who does that in the name of God is a moron. Plus, there's one line in the Bible that goes something like "One isn't alive until they receive their first breath of God", so since babies don't breathe until they're born, nobody can back up abortion with their faith.
I can't give you any proof that proves God's existance. Can i proove the boogey man, or santa claus exist? No..

I can prove that Santa doesn't come down my chimney and lay presents under the tree every christmas, How? I don't have a chimney, and me and my family buy and wrap the presents.

If i can't physically prove he exists, then i really have no right to say he doesn't, yet i have a more valid argument, simply because my proof he doesn't exist is real and your proof he does exist is opinion based from over a milenium ago, and today, all acounts of his existance are also vastly unproven and not backed up claims of opinion, not fact.

The existance of evolution is fact. This has been proven by experiments, resaerch etc.

The existance of the garden of eden is, Myth. It cannot be proven, yet it can be believed and preached, and it can feature in a book.

The main difference here is, both opinions are found in text books, scientific opinion can be researched, you can even proove it yourself by following previous experiments or making your own. A bible leaves no room for this, you can speak to God, but he won't speak back. You can pray for a Mercedes Benz as an experiment...It won't appear, thus the conclusion of that experiment, God doesn't answer prayers.

When he does? The more valid and logical conclusion is not faith or miracle but probability.
You keep bringing up the same point. Evolution, blah blah blah, creation story, blah blah blah, etc. So I'll keep bringing up the same point I've made.

If you've taken time to study the bible, you'd realize the creation story is metaphorical.
If you've taken the time to study the world around you more, you'd realize almost nothing in the Bible is true.
I'm sorry, I must be too enslaved by my faith. Care to elaborate?

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