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Originally Posted by gospel_guy101
Dude I just read the whole thing and I Loved it. You have to put the rest on here or write the rest. and fast. I cant wait to read it. Man if you finished that It would be a hit I think.
Thanks a lot!! Here's some more.

Morning came quickly. Too quickly. One minute, I was asleep. For like…one minute. The next minute, Giggles was gently shaking me awake.
"C'mon, Ro! Ham made breakfast! You needa eat food, or else he says you're gonna faint in the middle of trainin'," she said. Groggily, I woke up and glanced at my watch. The letters blinked a dreadful 5:30 up at me. I had never been up this early…
Giggles ran out of the room happily. I glared at her, wondering what possessed her to be so Gosh darned happy. With her out of the room, I got dressed in a purple tee-shirt and a pair of nice fitting jeans. It was as though they had been made for me. Content with what I was wearing, I walked down the hall an obvious kitchen. Sitting at the table was Butch, Iris, Shamus, Giggles, and Uma. The twins weren't there yet, and Ham was bringing a large bowl to the table, filled with some sort of white stuff. I sat next to Iris and an empty chair that was soon occupied by Ham.
"Dig in, guys. It's gonna be a long day," he said, spooning some of the white stuff into his bowl, and then passing it to me. I nodded in thanks and plopped a spoonful into my own bowl. It smelled like glue. Slowly, I dipped my spoon in it and took a taste, spitting it out quickly, gagging on its awful taste. Shamus looked at me, amused. The rest of the table just kinda stared. My face heating up, I looked back at the bowl, expecting it to come alive. I could feel Ham's intense gaze on my face and lifted another spoonful to my mouth. Everyone else seemed to be coping with it just fine.
"Change it, Ro," I heard Ham whisper. Surprised, I looked up at him and met his green eyes. Green?! His eyes were red last night! A little shocked, I nodded again and turned back to the gloop, closing my eyes. Without warning, the taste and smell of my mom's famous beef stew drifted through my mind. If I could be eating anything now, it'd be that. I took a mental sniff again, savoring the memory. Wait…that was real!!
"Whoa!! Can you do mine, too!?" Giggles asked, her eyes wide. I grinned and thought of the same thing for her. A content smile lined Ham's face as I transformed everyone's breakfast into soup. We were eating good that morning.

I had a quite restless sleep last night. Shyam and Fin woke up as if an alarm clock sounded loudly. Without groaning or anything, they pulled on their oddly dressy clothing and filed out of the bedroom, glancing at me as they went. I moaned and pushed myself out of bed. I got dressed into a pair of slacks, a white dress shirt, and socks. I stuffed the green tie in my pocket. I didn’t know how to tie a tie… maybe I’d ask Iris later.
At the breakfast table, everyone else was out of their pajamas and in their day clothes. I was the only person who looked dressed up. Ham was serving what seemed like snot for breakfast. It tasted like snot as well. Out came Ro… it seemed like she didn’t like Ham’s cooking either. I smirked. She shot me the usual death glare.
Then Ham whispered something to her. Ro stared into his eyes. I could see a little bit of drool drip out. I rolled my eyes and tried to swallow some gourmet snot. Then a savory scent wafted through the air, warming up my nostrils. In Ham’s bowl was a bowl of soup! She was flirting with that creep!
“Whoa!! Can you do mine, too?!” Giggles demanded. Everyone murmered agreement. With a triumphant smile, Ro looked thoughtful (an expression that usually doesn’t creep over her face very often) and everyone’s gourmet snot turned into that delicious-smelling soup that Ro made for her little Hammy-Wammy.
“I don’t want this,” I protested, even though it smelled awesome. “Make me three warm buttermilk pancakes and some bacon, with orange juice, hold the pulp!” I said, drooling at the thought of my favorite breakfast meal.
“Why, sure!” said Ro in a falsely cheerily voice. My soup then turned to a swarm of bees, which raged into a small, dense cloud and attacked.

You see, the problem with a swarm of bees is that they don't obey you. At all. I had only intended for them to sting Shamus, but it wasn't like it was a dog or something. It was a swarm of frickin' bees! Screams erupted from the table as we all stood up or fell over, attempting to escape the bees.
And let's not forget that I was included in this pandemonium. As one of the bees stung my arm, I tried to whack it off. Three more landed on various parts of my body, each stinging me painfully.
"Ro, you IDIOT, DO SOMETHING!!" Shamus cried, waving his arms like a maniac in his attempt to get the bees to stop.
"I-I can't! I can only create them, not take them away!!" I shouted.
"Fin, Shyam, you can do something!" Iris called. The twins nodded there heads and simultaneously closed their eyes in deep thought. Suddenly, the bees were surrounded by something purpleish. The good this was, they couldn't get out. Suddenly, it began to fill with water, until it was completely full. A loud cracking noise filled the air and the globe ice over, alerting me that the water had been frozen. Shyam and Fin opened their eyes, and looked content with themselves.
"Um…sorry?" I said.
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