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I would be dishonest if I didn't admit that, in some extent, you won me over to your side.

Let's see if we can find common ground:
Of course I do agree that the good point of capitalism is innovation, recognisement of skills etc. You are right as well that I generalized way too much, that there are big difference between states.

I am not so radical on my opinion towards trade unions. They represent another group of interests... you could not have it if it was all decided by the boss: it would end up in slavery. On the other hand, I have seen trade unions really screw it up sometimes, and your examples are all valid. There must be a balance.

On the subject of the Federal Reserve etc., well, why say otherwise? they are really clever guys, and the European bank simply mimics them: and example of my long-held belief that there is one right way of doing things, in economy.
Alan Greenspan is very highly regarded, you know. He came over to work for the brits now.

But of course, you have to look at my opinions like this: I am biased by my extreme mistrust of corporations. The theoretical objective of a government is to protect its subjects (hence the social contract). The theoretical objective of a private enterprise is to make money, and for that, they influence government, till the point where it might start defending them, rather than its subjects.
E.g. Wal-mart declares record benefits and squeezes salaries and luch half-hours from employees... do you see my point?

In any case, I do agree, I enjoyed this debate a lot.

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