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Yes it is about the United States. Students at the University of Illinios were suspended for reprinting the cartoons as part of a news story in a newspapaer that is distributed on campus but is other wise independant from the University. No comercial papers will reprint them as part of a news story, and clearly they are news. Our press is being intimidated by rioting folks in another country and that's just plain wrong.

The Danes may be more progressive then we are over here, but I include them in Western Civilization, or maybe I should say I include us in their civilization.

And we were better then the arab countries 500 years ago, not just 50 years ago. Western civilization has always treated women better the the middle eastern oriental cultures, because we practice monogomy. Monogomistic relationships have always increased the important of the mother and women in general. Among common folks the relationship was always a partnership. This is the part of civilization invented by the greeks and has always set us apart.

What angers me, and yes I am rendered nearly blind with rage, when some one implies that telling the truth is a bad thing, and expressing your openion just because it might hurt some one's feelings from some other culture. Now I generally choose not to insult people because I understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and would rather make a friend then an enemy. BUT any one who wants to limit such a fundemental freedom is my enemy. And I put Kofi Annon in that catagory along with Google and UNESCO. But being a civilized type, I intend to use words to express my disgust, rather then blowing things up like that moron Timothy McVeigh.
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