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Ants have hair, doesn't stop humans from stepping on them everyday.

Pigs have hair, doesn't stop christians from eating them.

As far as the abortion topic goes, i'll leave my opinions on abortion to a thread dedicated to the subject.

As far as Bush goes i don't really understand it fully. Im not American but from what i've seen, and what i've been taught, alot of America is getting a very one sided, biased press.

President Bush has the media in his pocket (as does Tony blair). His state policies are mainly religion driven, which is definatly the wrong way to go about doing things in a state where not everyone is religious, or follows the same religion or to the same intensity as his policies might demand.

I won't jump to insulting Bush, i personally don't know the man. From what i've seen, i don't think he is a very good public speaker, that does not mean to say he is stupid, he has a diploma in Business management i believe, that is not hte mark of a stupid man.

He did get into power unfairly, bush does have alot of connections in govenrment areas before his election.

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