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Originally Posted by BLacK SunlighT
Originally Posted by Shaolin
Hmm i wonder what evolution is? Oh my GOD, are you saying that people aren't getting taller every year, cause im pretty sure the average height of an adult male only 100 years ago or so was around 5'6.
I definetly believe people are evlolving and everything you just said, but uhh we can thank DDT and other factory farm hormones and pesticides for our people getting bigger. Anyone who consumes animal products also eats the harmful residues stored in the animal's flesh, milk and eggs. Farm animals have been dosed to grow 8 times as fast as they normally would.
Chemicals, hormones and pesticides have been fed to farm animals since the early 1930's.... and all this hype about drinking milk has had an effect on people too. The milk industries have been putting out nonsense advertisements saying that "Milk is essencial for health" and "you should drink a glass of milk with every meal!"... bullshit. America and Europe are the only parts of the world that consume dairy products frequently. Milk is made for baby cows, not for people. Hence, people are being fattened up and dosed certain chemicals that do have an effect on their growth pattern and their body mass. It's sad.
Your argument might be true to an extent, yet you miss my point entirely.

Evolution is a process of "the fittest survive", it begins with every human, the fittest sperm gets to the egg first, thus the weaker (less evolved) sperms die.

A good example is race. People with tanned, darker skin have their originas in countries more exposed to sun? Why do they have darker skin? It's a process of evolution, their bodies have adapted to the environment, tanned skin protects skin cells and reflects light better than white skin.

Chinease people are short, and their eyes are quite slim. This is because they are originates of the mongol race, a race which lived in a volatile climate, a short stocky build with slimmer eyes = better protection from weather, eyes are not so exposed to sand storms.

If you read a history book or two, you might notice that neanderthals (cavemen) were much shorter - this is proven with valid scientific proof, real existing bones from thousands of years ago (and many different specimens) show that the skull was a different shape, on average they were much shorter than your averages today, yes milk and other products may promote hormone growth, but it does not in any disprove evolution.

The existance of chemicals, proven with our helpful friend science, the existance of atoms, proves we are just structures of a smaller entity.

The big bang, a massive chemical reaction which started off our world is a far more rational and logical idea of the original creation than a misty figure floating around in the sky creativing everything in 7 days, simply because humans are made of essentially a bag of chemicals, and chemicals are made of atoms, and so is everything else in the world, including hte bible.

Now you could say then "God created the big Bang" but how could god create the universe and everything that makes it up, including himself, if he doesn't exist yet.

If god exists, who created God?

Relgion was a great way to answer many of these questions (life, creation etc) maybe a thousand or two years ago, but thankfully science is slowly disprooving the lies.

It's far better to believe the truth, rather than unproven 'fact'.

Now any Religious person who would like to try and turn my argument on it's head by reversing the answer for example "Show me proof god doesn't exist" is using an extrmely primitive debating strategy.

If a man decided to make a statement, "The aliens are attacking at 3pm" for example, he is entitled to proove his statement is true, otherwise why should others believe him, if he hasn't proven that his opinion is the most factual and true.

The same goes for science, the logic behind science and its motives behind the world proove themselves with experiments and research far more than religion has, afterall, church reform is an extreme rarity, the pope is finding it hard to grip the existance of homosexuality.

The pope infact once stated that AIDS can pass through the comdom, because of tiny holes in the comdom. Funny man, tell the good people not to use contraception, for it won't protect you. The funnier thing is scientists retested the condom to prove him wrong, the AIDs virus was far far larger than any microscopic hole in the average condom, only a tear or rip in an otherwise unadultered condom could prove to this effect.

So, my conclusion - Relgion is whack.

A great quote - "One person with a delusion is schizophrenic, a million people with a delusion is a religion"

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