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[quote="koler"You want something its handed too you on a silver pladder. We are the richest, morst lucritive economy in the world. THe average person makes 40 G's a year, thats twice what your pulling in in the EU.[/quote]

no i dont want anything handed to me, its wats owed to me and to every other tax payer in Europe. if we fall on hard times through no fault of our own, its nice to know the government will be there for you. and u are using figures of the EU which do not represent acuratly the state of it. we have excepted 10 new and wat can be classed as poor countries, so these figures include these countries. wat u are forgetting is the EU is the worlds biggest and most powerful trading bloc. and any country who is involved becomes more economicly better off. like ireland has one of the highest wages in europe and it exceeds that of the USA.

Originally Posted by koler
But I know that I love america, that its the best country in the world, hands down, no compition.
i would strongly disagree, but you are patriotic and i wont argue.

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