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Whenever I see posts like this it makes we wish I was still the puberty mod so I could say:

"how ever disturbing your pilly fucking habbits are, and how ever close it seems to be, it has abso-fuckly-lutly nothing to do with puberty. locking"

then cody would yell at me for being an ass, three others would join him, sombody would post a complaint in the HQ three or four people would bitch and moan, three or four would defend me, and josh would lock it. those were the days those were the days.

but anyway, really, guys, how are fucking a pillow and puberty related. he didnt say, "is this normal" he knows its normal, though I frown in it, just think, your going to be putting your face on that later on that night. this topic is not puberty related and should be locked period, end of discussion.

Eric you have done nothing wrong, nothing at all, many many people put things similer in this forum, however, it doesnt have anything to do with puberty, and as far as I'm concernd, shouldnt be posted on the site, unless of couse, you wanted to start a diary about sexual relations with pillows. That sounds like a plan.

oh, and I may be an ass but.......nope I'm just an ass.

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