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granted imports are good, but too many are not. if a country imports too many goods it will cost a lot of money. the ideal is to have exports exceeding imports. the more a country can produce itself internally the better off it is as its not dependant on other countries.

Originally Posted by koler
So its true, the EU's governments do offer more benifits, but these benifits are commen sense in america, no offense.
the benifts you mention are not only the benifts we recieve and not only to do with employment. there are very generous child allowances, among others. but back to employment, if someone goes out of a job here the government will step in and help them back on their feet. they recieve weekly money, they will even send them on courses to get education while being paid and even when they start work they will be paid by the government and the employer.

Originally Posted by koler
I don't think america could every be taken over, not because of our army, but because of our national pride, and our taste of freedom, once a country tastes freedom, it can never go back, never.
ah but everything goes full circle. look at France. back in the 18th Century they were rules by soley by Kings and Queens then there was a nice revolution people lost their heads, and the people had power, soon enough Napoleon came on the seen and France were under his sole control. everything goes full cirlce.

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