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well the value of currencies are very important, it shows a countries buying power, the greater the currency the more they can buy and therefore greatly benift. also as for stability the Euro has traded at roughly €1 : $1.20 for nearing 2 years now i consider that pretty stable and trustworthy. and as for Poland they are set to join the Euro i think in the next year.
But higher currency also harms buying power. On the other hand I do agree, it has been pretty stable and, as far as I know, being used in commerce.

Ah yes, but Imports are a major economic factor. Without imports everything would suck. My cloths are imported, my computer is imported, my rugs, my couch, my tv, parts of my house, the plants in my yard. And if you don't import your quality of life is very...low.
I do agree on the importance of imports, but I fail to see such a direct relation, meaning imports = better life

the business you work for will give you PDO's Or paied days off. If they don't, then you just tell 'em "I can find another job" it may be a luxuary, but most people won't hire on if they don't get benefits like PDO's and Dental.
Ok, it must be that only Slavetraders Inc. hires me to translate their contracts.

When you say that an army is unecessary, perhaps look at it this way, your not building an army for attacking other countries, but to keep other countries from attacking you.

I don't think america could every be taken over, not because of our army, but because of our national pride, and our taste of freedom, once a country tastes freedom, it can never go back, never.
Are you aware of the content of the PATRIOT ACT?

If they passed something like that anywhere near where I live, I would post this on some walls:

And then go underground.

The Brightest light casts the darkest shadows
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