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Originally Posted by Diadora View Post
So, I have this lump like thing thats been on my penis for a long time (5th grade is when I discovered it, when I first tried to masturbate, and I'm in hs now) It started to worry me about cancer earlier in the year, but I had a sports physical and the doctor didn't suspect anything of it at quick glance, and if it was cancer it had not spread to my testicle. On top of that I have none of the risk factors for it except my parents used to smoke. Well, earlier I was masturbating and it started to feel quite uncomfortable, but I was close to finishing so I did, and it hurt for a little, untill my erection went down. The pain left with my erection. Now, I am curious, what could have caused this. (which I hope to have cleared, as I talked to my parents about going to the doctor JUST for the bump) wou
Keep in mind that sports physicals are just a general overview of your physical condition in relation to the requirements for your sport and that there is usually not a thorough examination of specific problems at that moment. If there is a specific problem, then you should be referred out to a doctor which handles whatever problem.

If this lump is on your actual penile shaft, then I don't think it could be cancer. However, if you had this lump for years, then there is a chance it could be a growth of some sort which doesn't imply that it is bad. My suggestion is to tell your parents you have such a problem especially since you are now experiencing pain. You have absolutely nothing to loose to have things checked out as pain is never a good thing.

Unfortunately, with the position of the lump on your penis it is really hard to say with certainty what you have. As a result, my suggestion is to have a professional take a look at it so that you can get the best advice.
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