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Originally Posted by Sid-Vicious
lol i actually said to my friend when i was super tired when we were walking home, im gonna go to sleep(i was on a Bus Stop seat), Tell me if anyone comes
^^^lol :$

never acsully had a hangover prob cuz ive never acsully drunk alot usully to scared if i get a hangover the next day my parents would notice :S

but i was talking to my sis awile ago about it(2nd year uni) and she siad she dosent get them...but i woudent think she drinks to much becuse in her words"beer tastes like ass" so she usully gets the expensive drinks yet she cant afford any food -.-

i also herd bread works pritty well for hangovers the next day/getting the smell out of ur breath
im nto 100% sure on the bread just my bud got wasted and ate a pack of bread i personally dont think it did anything

live fast
die young
have a good looking courpse

dont question by them-me ...still thinking it throu so its like a work in progress and im giving u guys and gals a taste of what i can come up with

set ur mind to it...push ur muscles to the limit...and ur heart will find the glory- also me :$...not very good but i try
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