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brain cells= NEVER reapirable

weed does mess it up ive been told but i started in grade 6 hard in grade 7 stoped for grade 8 and off and on in grade 9...its not much and theres nuttin wrong with me but it is possible if u do smoke it anough i would assume

becuse when u think about it:
ur smoking a joint everyone so often lets say...ur killing brain if u started before starting puberty(around 10 i would say?) ur killing brain cells that ur brain might need to put u throu the puberty might say"oh it never hapend to me so it cant be true and i been smoking for 6 years" well have you been hit by a car sersouly? or cracked your spinal cord? or def or blind? well if you are im sry but its like the same thing...thousands of people in the world get hit by cars,crack there spine, born/go def or blind...just becuse it hasent happend to you dosent mean it cant happend to someonelse

live fast
die young
have a good looking courpse

dont question by them-me ...still thinking it throu so its like a work in progress and im giving u guys and gals a taste of what i can come up with

set ur mind to it...push ur muscles to the limit...and ur heart will find the glory- also me :$...not very good but i try
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