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I was hoping I could do this without proving stuff lol, but I guess I have too. *sigh*

GDP (purchasing power parity)
United States $ 12,370,000,000,000
European Union $ 12,180,000,000,000

GDP (official exchange rate)
European Union $ 13,310,000,000,000
United States $ 12,770,000,000,000

GDP per capita
United States $ 41,800
European Union $ 28,100

Investment (gross fixed)
European Union 19.60
United States 16.80

Inflation rate (consumer prices)
European Union 2.20
United States 3.20

Labor force
European Union 218,500,000
United States 149,300,000

Unemployment rate
United States 5.10
European Union 9.40

Industrial production growth rate
United States 3.20
European Union 1.30

Electricity production kWh
United States 3,892,000,000,000
European Union 2,925,000,000,000

Oil production
United States 7,610,000
European Union 3,424,000

Current account balance
United Kingdom $ -38,400,000,000
United States $ -829,100,000,000

NOTE: just like to point out that they didnt include the EU in this rank order, because the outstanding debt is so great, that it would be shameful and rude to the EU to write it down. n.n

European Union $ 1,318,000,000,000
United States $ 927,500,000,000

United States $ 1,727,000,000,000
European Union $ 1,402,000,000,000

Total Wins: US 7 EU 5 UK 1

NOTE: you may be thinking, not bad, the EU stands up well with the united states, but I must say, many of the rank orders, did not include the EU because the UK and Germany etc. Had such outstanding debts, and horrible numbers that they them selves would have matched the debts of the unitedstates. so I could sit here and add all of the EU countries together, thus making the debt horribly horrible in every horrid way possible. But I'm not that rude. n.n of course the US has more internet hosts, the EU has more phones, the US has way more internet users, the EU has more waterways, the US has more Railroads and roads, the EU has more people total. But the US has more Airports, more Military, and a richer military, but we only spend 3.30% of our total GDP on the military. The More You Know! Cuz Knowldge is power!

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