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Default European or American Economy?

Hi my friends.

Now, I want to have your views on something, in fact it is your side of the story that I want to hear.

A little explanation about economy

The rough scheme of economy in America is like this:

There is no welfare or National Health System.
Therefore you pay less taxes.

The advantage is that you salary is considerably higher.

The disadvantage is that if you are underprivileged, there is less welfare, and that hospital costs are paid from your pocket.

In Europe, the rough scheme is:

You pay more taxes.
Your salary is considerably lower (compared with the US)

Advantages: You have more welfare if you need it.
Hospital costs are paid by the state.


I want to know which do you think it is better.
Until now I have tried to presented in an aseptical way, now for my opinion:

I think the European model is better. (Anyone shocked? Think not.)

Right, salaries are lower, but if you happen to undergo surgery, you will not end up broke. (Hospital costs are usually tremendous).

Same for welfare. If you happen to bankcrupt, at least you will not starve, and you will have a roof on your head.

Of course, I do not believe that welfare means free living for the lazy. Are there cases? Yes there are. But I believe that those are a minority, while people who honestly need it despite doing the necessary efforts are the majority.

A welfare system or a National Health System are things difficult to manage. In Spain, not ten years ago the NHS was heavily indebted.
Simply thanks to some adjustments to make it more efficient and to refine the mechanisms that prevent people from milking the system it has a good superavit nowadays. It simply had (has) to be perfected.

But now I would like your views.

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