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Originally Posted by Webbeardthepirate
In the end, who gets elected matters only a little. There is usually a right way of doing things, and so that is what gets done. Then there are special interests looking for a hand out, what economists call "rent seeking." that mucks things up.
I could not have summed it better

The most democratic vote you have is the one you make with your dollers, and I don't mean campaign contributions. When ever you buy something you are voting for that product sold at that location. Sometimes you looses and your favorit store closes. But every dollar is a vote on how you want the country to be, ranging from hemlines on skirts to music played on the radio. And you don't even have to be 18 to excersize this voting power. And its a vote that really affects the environment, workers, trade, everything. Every dollar spent is a signal to the economy as to how resources from manpower to iron ore, to farmland should be used.
That is pretty good thinking I think, but I somehow suspect it has a flaw.
I mean, what you say is correct, but can an election be fair if not everyone is represented?

Let me give you an example, about music, now that you mentioned it.
There are infinite styles of music. Can you really choose in the manner you say if they don't give you the full choice?
I think music enterprises will only give you the unsubstantial things that help them sell better, rather that the full variety.
In the 80's it was rock (Gods of Metal forgive me for saying that there was unsubstantial rock, but there was) in the 90's it was beat-based music, and anytime you can find the short-lived Britney and Aguilera type.

(I am, of course, generalising a lot)

But what if you liked, say, Jazz Manouche (Gipsy Jazz, all the craze in France right now)? Can you have it in America? Does Virgin give you that candidature to vote? Or would you have to look hard?

Same for Bluegrass here in Europe. Everytime I mention it people think it is some sort of marijuana.

That is why I try to support independent labels, a question of variety.

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