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Originally Posted by Webbeardthepirate
Liberation theology was communism in disguise. Pope bennedict XVI, when he was the head of the council on the faith or whatever it was, fought and stamped out liberation theology. Its the communist version of what hitler did to the protostant churches before WWII, twisting beliefs to perverse ends. The church could not fulfill its mission of helping the poor if the government throw it out. It has been along time since the church commanded armies in the field, middle ages like. The churches proper place is like what the pope did getting Pinochet to promis to have elections in Chile and abide by the results, not sewing rebelion and insurgency and armed conflict, like the Liberation Theologists would have had them do. Ghandi, not Mao should be the guide forward. Martin Luther King Junior, not Oscar Romero should be your guide as to how to deal with an unfair government.
Well, I do not exactly agree. It obviously was a lefty vision of Christianism, but I would not go as far as saying communism (which by the way, does not work, did you know that? lol). That is just opinion, of course.

And just as a footnote, Liberation Theology was not the Catholic Church. The Vatican tried many times to smash it, it still is for all I know.
Mr. Ratzinger (Mazinger or Nazinger, for that irrespective part within you) has been slandering them before he came to office.

Of course, you are absolutely right in your mention of Ghandi and Martin Luther King.

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