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Default Re: Does penis size matter

bottom line, girls care about dick size, guys care about boob size. reason why, is because if you had a 1" penis, a girl isnt going to be sexually attracted to you. if a girl didnt even have any boobs what-so-ever, a guy wouldnt want sex from her either. personality does NOT matter when it comes to this. i do agree though that if you have a smaller penis, like 4 inches or so, that it does matter how you use it. but you need to understand that size does matter because your not going to want to have sex from someone who cant please you, and a 1" dik cant please you.[/QUOTE]

So so so not true. Experience love. True love at that before you go around judging people for there personal appearance OR "SIZE" Guys don't all like big boobs or asses some guys who arnt male shovenoff pigs just love the girl for who she is and what she does. This reply is verry immature to post and u should be shunned to what you think is small to 1" Cuz u think size matters. Wow you made yourself look stupid for that. Good luck on true love. Stop thinking with ur head that is in the dark.

There are two ppl in this world thoes who dont understand and thoes who dont care to understand. There are verry verry few who do understand. The meaning in life doesn't dignify one on how or who judges you but one who judges himself to be greater then those that oppose him.
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