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Finally, back on topic, lest you guys get me to get caught up in a mathematical debate. I'm glad to stay out of it.

First off. NO WIKIPEDIA! It is a terrible source, and even my ultra-ultra liberal English teacher hates it. It is quite possibly the worst source you can use to try to prove your side.

I'm a Bio Major in college, and I can tell you that Bio departments in colleges are vehemently opposed to Intelligent Design. I've seen so much of an emphasis put on Evolution, and they teach it like it happened- end of story, book is closed, period. I'm sure if anyone stated otherwise, they'd be kicked out of the program.

That being said, I'm a creationist. It seems that most scientists are evolutionists, but possibly they are the creations of their teachers, and creationist scientists are quiet to avoid criticism. I'd certainly never tell my teachers that I think they are full of it.

I've never understood, based on the Cell Theory (as stated before) that evolution can exist. At least, it can never exist as a concrete scientific law until the Cell Theory changes. Scientists can create complex amino acids in the lab, but no further.

There is a theory that life arose from a comet that struck earth, and life from an extraterrestrial source spawned life. Some say that life sprouted at thermal vents. Some say that life began at creation. Why don't we allow students the choice to find what is right to them? There is no way you can prove either side. Have faith in God, or have faith in a still shakey scientific theory. At least you'll find out when you die

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