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Hmmm, you're really in to theories, aren't you? I prefer laws when possible.

Now you see, it's not the electromagnetism that keeps you "from falling to the middle of the earth" - it's gravity. Gravity pulls matter together - that's it's nature. Since all matter have gravitons (with exception to a few particles), gravity affects all the mattter and that is why we don't fall to the center of the earth. The fact that the earth's core is so dense keeps makes the matter around it dense and that, in turn, pulls all the molecules and atoms closer together. This creates a sturdy earth which we can not fall through. And as I've already stated, all forces are equal but can vary in strenth. You might think that the other forces are stronger, just as they are amplified by gravity, but try thinking about this for a while, eh?

"There is God" cannot be proven nor disproven.
"There is no God" cannot be proven nor disproven.
So while you might think the latter is some how scientific, it is not - neither is the former. However, it is up to everyone's unique "sad belief" to believe either one of those statements. Open-minded people usually can accept the former, while it's vise-versa for the the opposite. It takes time to understand abstract concepts and such beliefs, so I'm not blaming anyone for not understanding. What I said was what I'm saying now. You should know the mental stages of puberty, and you should know that ideas can and will change over time, as the mind changes itself. So do you understand now, and can we get back on topic?

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