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Sigh. The electromagnetic fields in the objects around you, and in your own body is the only thing that keeps you from falling to the middle of the earth. it is electromagnatism that makes solid objects solid. That is the force that holds you up. The strong force holds the nucleus of an atom together despite the positivly charged protons being repelled from one another. The partical that conveys the Strong force is called a gluon. The Fourth force is the weak force, and it causes neutrons to decay into protons and electrons, and is responsible for radioactivity. The Grand Unified Field theory indicates that at high energy levels these three forces combine into one electro-weak-strong force. But no theory can describe one in which all four forces are united into a super force in what physisicts call, and I am not making this up, the Theory of Everything. The hang up is caused by gravity being so pitiful as to be irreconcilable with the other three forces that rule the universe. The Four Forces govern all interactions between all particals in the universe.

Perhapse you have heard that atoms are mostly empty space, it is the electromagnetic force that keeps two atoms from passing through one another and your hand from passing through a table. If you fall off a cliff, it is electromagantism that kills you when you get to the bottom, not gravity which has done you know harm for the entire trip. Its not the fall that kills but the sudden stop at the end. That stop is the electomagnetic field in your boty encountering the electromagnetic field in the ground. Being more akin to a waterbaloon then a stone your cells break, the long protien chanins that make yp your body are torn assunder by the sudden and violent deceleration. These chains also exist in accordance with the electromagnetic force which governs all of chemistry. Splat.

Gravity has accelerated you at a gentle 32 feet per second per second. If you hadn't stopped at the end so violently you'd have been fine. Say a net streatches and reduces your rate of acceleration.

"There is a God" is not a scientific statement. What evidence would disprove that statement? What in nature would be accepted as evidence of the non-existance of God. The absence of miracles would only mean that God doesn't perform miracles. While the presence of miracles would be evidence against the statement "There is no God." Having no miricals forth comming, then the statement "There is No God" has not been disprooved. As long as there is no evidence to the contrary the thesis stands. But the Existance of Evil, unanswered prayers, the randomness of the universe, all support my thesis that there is no God.
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