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carrier particals
Ah, and those are called (say it with me this time) gravitons!

And as an answer to your statement, yes and no. We can go against gravity, but that's not what's keeping us from "falling to the center of the earth". Structure and support is what does it. As an analogy to what you wrote, we can over come electromagnetism just by holding our hand between the magnet and the affected material. This doesn't necessarily mean we are defying it - more like we are resisting it. Same concept goes for gravity - we can resist it, but we cannot over come it. As well as this "strong force" that you talked about, it can be resisted, but not defied. All three of your flavors of force are actually the same - none is weaker and none is stronger. The amount of the force varies though. Just as weight does - this is affected by gravity. Gravity is measured by weight of an object, so the heavier the object is, the stronger the force, right? It's just like introducing more electricity in to an electromagnet to make its force stronger.

To counter your highly scientific statement "There is No God," I say "There is God." That's proof enough - just toying with you... The lovely fact about this is that God cannot be proven to be or proven to not be. There are believers and non-believers - that will always be. Though just think about it. No more than 400 years ago, everyone knew that heavier objects fell faster than lighter ones. Hmmm, but isn't this known to be wrong? Speaking of gravity, Newton knew a great deal about it, along with just about every other scientific field; though you might find this a bit strange - he was very religious. Shocking, isn't it?

It takes time to understand things, and it takes more time to learn about them. However, learning about them will also give you a new view on things - this is known as open-mindedness

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