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is it true that pcds and something with an s can permanetly attach to ur spine and give u irriversible braindammage, spasms, and delosional uncontrolably? ... i have never done drugs but i wanna try an upper i hang out with potheads and they r really cool..... i no that isnt a good role model and my goal isnt to start but i have got drunk in public.. at a school football game.... DONT GET DRUNK specially when u have strict parents my brother had to sneak me in at 11 without making any noise(not easy to have a drunk person be quite esp. when there are stairs) i had a really bad hangover and the next morning my parents had no idea i felt sooooo guilty!!! but i would never do it again it soo gross when u can taste the throw-up ur laying in on ur bed (TRUST ME)

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