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all forces have carrier particals that transport the force from one location to another. for the electromagnetic force it is the photon.

Gravity is weaker so weak you arte defying it right now. Thats right, you are defying the force of gravity. You are not falling to the center of the earth in defiance of the force of gravity. The rest of the earth is defying the force of gravity too by not falling to the center of the earth. You also overcome gravity by not falling to the center of yourself. That is how vastly powerful the electromagnetic force is by comparison. It takes ALOT of gravity to overcome the electromagnetic force. quintillions of times more. Gravity is really weak. Yes, clearly it DOES work. But it doesn't offset the fact that the other three forces are vastly more powerful.

I have never seen a compelling counter example to the scientific statement "There is No God." If you know of one, please let me know. Until then I will continue to function on the hypothosis that there isn't one. I have never been disapointed acting on this hypothosis, and include it in my Theory of a Naturalistic Universe.

Your sad belief in your imaginary friend who lives in the sky I will accept as your belief, and that your belief in your imaginary friend is a real belief. But Belief is not evidence of anything other then belief.
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