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Default Random post about how lucky i am to have my girlfriend

I went to school and was best friends with my girl for along time, then one day i just left school and didint see or hear from her for 2 years, Then a year ago, i called her and we got talking again, then one day, she introduced me to another girl, one of her friends, that was the worst thing that ever happened to me, she broke me in 2 a thousend pieces in less than 3 weeks, I couldent belive what this other girl had done, broke my heart and wrecked a lifetime friend-ship in such a short time, But then the unthinkable happened, My girl started talking to me again, We went out for a while and since then weve never been happier together, I got not a second, but a third chance to have the girl of my dreams in my arms after all that happened, So true love is real

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