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Originally Posted by Milton Goose View Post

i have a bit of a problem. i masturbate regularly and i am ashamed to say i dont really wash my penis once ive finished. i have built up some like, dryed cum under my foreskin. the head of my penis is really quite sensitive. has anyone got any tips for washing?
It sounds like you have developed smegma under your foreskin which is common for guys like you who don't pay special attention to wash under it. As mentioned above, just make a special point of washing the area, and it might take a couple of days to get things back to normal. It is really important that you wash up after masturbating as any bodily fluid is a bad thing to have on you for extended periods of time. You must always practice good hygiene especially now that you are in puberty. Unlike when you were a little boy who probably could get away without a shower for days at a time now there is a big need keep up with body maintenance.

Anyway, just make a point of washing up after masturbating, and clean up as best you can around your foreskin. Clearly, if things are not improving within a reasonable amount of time, then seek medical attention.
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