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K see i played GTA 3 when i was 7, and it hasn't adversly affected me in any way. I think that the parents need to make the destintion wether or not their kid should be able to play the game. Ofcoures i am being a little hipocipical B/C i did go behind miy parents back when i got GTA 3 when i was 7.
It may not have affected many people but in the world we live in now, kids have alot more access to dangerous things and have less common sense, And games like GTA, Twisted Metal and Mortal Kombat show them that killing and destroying is the way to deal with everything
ok, do you really believe that, or do you just talk to hear yourself be stupid.
Are you directing that comment at me? B/C yes i do beleve that yes GTA has not adversly affected me. As for what dual-phoenix said, i think that you are ignorant, and don't know what your saying. B/C what kind of kid plays a video game and then beleves that destroying is the way to deal with everything.
Im ignorant am i, What about those 2 guys a while back, They played doom alot and they were about 13, They went on a killing spree at there school and then shot themselves, Im not saying every kid that plays these games is going to pick up a rifle and kill everyone, im just saying that one day, One kid just mite do sumthing crazy like that

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