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Well first of all, welcome back!

Secondly, its really nice to hear that things are going so well for the two of you .

Anyway, on topic, if you know what she likes then youre sorted .
Just make sure both of you feel free to say, or maybe just guide the other persons hand or whatever into a more pleasurable position, if something isnt working.
Communication is definately key .
I dont know how much detail id be allowed to go into before id get banned LOL! Im jk!
But seriously, im also not 100% clear about how far you have gone with her already. and what it is exactly that you are looking for...
Is everything still with clothes on or...?
When you say a few pointers, do you mean, sexual pointers, how to touch her etc or...?

Sorry for being such a dumbass!
You dont have to answer any of my hundreds of questions if you dont want to LOL!

Oh and also, dont worry about not being experienced, she is probably just as worried as you are and anyway, the best part is experimenting together

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