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Default Re: Sex VS Masturbation

Originally Posted by Nikoo
Hi, this may be a stupid question but i was wondering if the pleasure in sex is stronger and lasts longer than the pleasure you get from masturbation??
As for lasting longer, you can control however long you want both masturbation and sex to last, to a certain extent (as long as you have good communication with whoever it is you are having sex with).
As for pleasure, it depends...
Masturbation is you, and you know what you like, if you dont like it you can change it immediately to something else or whatever, if that makes sense.
But sex involves another person so they have to learn what you like and what you dont, jsut as you have to learn what they like and what they dont like so much.
However, in my opinion, there is very little that can top the feeling of having sex with someone that you really care about, someone you feel a connection with, both physically and emotionally, and everything just seems to work...
Its indescribable.
It unfortunately also comes with a huge number of risks, so until youre fully prepared, mentally and physically, i'd recommend you stick with the mastubation for now

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