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Weelllllll, when I was at the game store the other week, i saw a kid, not even 8 years old, having his mother buy him Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas. I mean, What the HELL is that about? His mother can see for god sake, can't she see IT IS A VIOLENT GAME MEANT FOR ADULTS AND NOT CHILDREN! FOR GOD SAKE PARENTS GET SOME CONTROL, he's probably some spoilt little shit who gets everything he wants. Since this is the case, why the hell can't i go buy GTA:SA? I'm 13, i know what sex is, I have a gun of my own, i hear swearing words every 5 minutes from my parents, yet for some reason, they hold it back. The age rating is bullshit, but kids like him should not be even allowed to pick them things up, he'll be sitting there playing the hot coffee game right now thinking "What are they doing?"

I think i've said enough
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