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Default Things are great but i need some advice

Hey, Im not new here really, i jst lost my other account when i was younger Anyway, what i needed to know was about my girlfriend, Things have gone great and were taking things slowly, Ive loved this girl for a very long time btw, A few weeks ago we moved onto a new level, Physical contact, We started with kissing as you do, Moved onto light touching, Then i was rubbing her back about 3 weeks ago and we both got the "itch" to go further, So she told me to rub around her thigh and butt area, Then i slowly started "rubbing" her if you know what i mean, Im not being a pig, Im not like that about girls, Then yesterday we took it a bit further, One layer of clothes furhter down, It was great for both of us, But i was wondering if anyone can give me a few pointers on how to make her feel really "Good" (Older peoples support preferd thnx)

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