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Yes, you are also right about Tachyons, as it's an abstract thought used to describe an undefined phenomena. And I guess that's kind of right about photons, however, it can and cannot exist at the same time (though I'm not going to go in to detail about that). Pretty much, it's as if it were a gluon (I'm sure you already know what that is ), but actually has energy and can actually hold gravitons. This is a real abstraction, not just an explanation.

Seriously, I thought you knew your math. Someone as smart as you cannot understand that i^2 will always equal negative one? Oh well, I don't mind explaining that a little It's an abstract form in algebraic and trigonometric concepts. For instance, it can be used in almost every quadratic equation (with exceptions to those that construct a parabola without having an asymptote defined) to simplify and "balance" fractional equations. Basically, you don't need to know how i^2 will always equal -1, you just need to grasp that it will always, and so, -(i^2) is equal to positive 1.

Now, if you'll notice, it's like I said before - being able to understand abstract concepts comes in time. There's nothing that someone can do to learn something they cannot yet understand even a basic concept of, just like someone can't noticeably grow taller within a minute - time is required. This is purely why I suggested that he was too young to understand. Abstractions can be very hard to understand. It's as "simple" as that

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