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Default done.

So like last weekend, i had a real freak out.

i cut too much, and was fed up.

i carved fuck you into my arm with a heart around the you.
the letters fuck on my fingers
matching hearts on my wrists.
a star on my shoulder.
12 on my leg.
6 behind the ear.
and 80 on the right arm and
110 on the left
and 30 of them were the deepest i've ever cut.
i was dripping blood all over the floor and had to wrap my arm in a blanket.
it was 2am and i was so ready to leave and go to the hospital...or something
but i decided not to and fell asleep.
so i've made up y mind,
i'm DONE.
no more cutting.
because its stupid.
and it deosn't help anything.
it just makes it all teh more worse in my head.
so i'm starting weekly therapy.
and i'm going to be more active to keep myself busy.
well. thats all.

W a r n i n g: Too Many Thoughts Could Lead To An Explosion.

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