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Seriously? You think he should GUILT some one into going out with them. Thats up there with buy a girl a fancy dinner and she'll have to sleep with you as payback. Oh, and just start things off with a little bribery, that's the best way to make sure some one likes you (he said sarcastically). I mean, its like saying at heart every girl is a whore that you can buy. Maybe they are, but If that is the case I don't want them, thank you very much.

Look, if your not ready, stay as you are. But people don't break up unless you give them a reason. If you wait for her to be dumped they your rebound guy, rebound guy doesn't last. If you wait for her to dump him, she's not doing that until she has a reason.

Give her presents and she'll like you. Sheesh. Give a girl presents because you want them to have something, not to make them do something for you. What is this, a power game? "I gave you a neclace, I have something over you, now you are my slave. Nu uh, because I have all the control and you can't make me give you anything."
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