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hey all . well basically this is about an ex girl friend of mine. I will start it off by telling you that i still like her much . We were goin out for like 6 months when my nan got in an accident and a whole lot of family problems came up and all that and i was under so much stress that i thought it wasn't the best time to have a girl friend right now so i let her go and made up this whole thing about how i thought she was flirting with other people to much and all that . i felt terrible but i couoldn't tell her about these problems. Now every time i see her in school i wonder what i could be missing and wish that i couold turn back time so that i couold stay with her. i mean should i tell her and see if i can get back together or what ??

You can pick your friends. you can pick your wedgies ... but u cant pick your friends wedgies.!!!! ahah
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