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Originally Posted by mrmcdonaldduck View Post
i believe in god because science hasnt proven that he doesnt exist and that several times that i have prayed, it came true. eg pray for rain in the middle of a hot, dry summer, rain comes next day.
Deschain was right about this, and I'd especially want to contest your first statement there. It's irrational to believe in something simply because it hasn't been disproven, I mean, there are TONS of things humans can come up with that are just impossible to test for anyway, like unicorns, fairies, ghosts etc. You should ALSO believe in Zeus, Thor, The Flying Spaghetti Monster etc. because science hasn't disproven them either! But... science doesn't really have to... since there is NO evidence that suggests any of them exist, the most rational position is to NOT believe in them until you are given evidence that suggests they exist.

As for praying for "good weather" that isn't too impressive. Getting lucky and having the weather you wanted isn't miraculous at all, and think about why God would grant this prayer for you, and let it rain.... and he doesn't answer the prayers of starving children in Africa who are dying with no food. We always count the times were the coincidences happen to work out in our favour, and look over the times where nothing happens. Its just human nature.
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