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Methane smells bad, and its poisonous, but I have never heard any one claim it causes cancer. Are you sure about that one? A high fiber diet should increase your risk of getting intestinal and colon cancer. People who live near swamps and peatbogs would have higher cancer rates too. We'd have to drain the wetlands as a public health measure. No, I do not think methane causes cancer.

There are lots of things that don't cause cancer actually. Arsenic doesn't cause cancer. It causes you to be dead, but it doesn't cause cancer. Water doesn't cause cancer. Sugar doesn't cause cancer. Iron doesn't cause cancer. Silicon and other silicate based materials don't cause cancer, glass, sand, silicone etc. Hydrocloric acid doesn't cause cancer. Hellium, Neon, Argon don't cause cancer either. Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Lead don't cause cancer. Single Oxogen atoms, but not oxogen molocules CAN cause cancer. Magnetic fields and radio waves also don't cause cancer.

Smoking does cause cancer. Its not one hundred percent but it is more cancerous then any of the above. The most cancerous substance is burn't meat. Pyrolized protiens they are called. They are the single most cnacerous substance known, and are used to cause cancers in labrats for study. You don't get them when you fry meat, only when you flame broil them. Burning tobacco pyrolizes the plant protiens, which are not alot in most plants, creating the tars and such.

But my question is, how much are other people allowed to imperil your life before you are allowed to take steps to MAKE them stop. In the example of being hit by a car, you are allowed to use force to protect yourself from irresponsible drivers. Police practice swiping cars so that they will spin out of control potentially KILLING the driver in order to protect others.

If smokeing is bad enough to ban in ALL public places including sidewalks and parks like they just did in Britain, isn't it bad enough to protect yourself with violence. Pulling the cig from the offenders mouth and stamping on it at a minimum. Hitting them if they try and stop you, shooting them if they hit you back? Isn't it? Self defense it the minimum reasonable force needed to protect yourself or others from harm, or the reasonable expectation of harm. If smokeing is so bad that it should be forbidden in Parks outdoors, don't you have to protect yourself and others from harm?

Regarding the car example, are you saying people who don't want to be hit by drunk drivers should stay off the road, that they don't have to stay around some one driving erratically and irresponsibly, that they can always ask such a person to stop, and if they won't you can just not use the roads? Is that REALLY what you mean to say?
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