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Yes, when christians and jews see defaming cartoons and articals and movies they do have something to SAY about it. They talk about it. They argue it is not a realistic portrayel and represents hatred. But they don't call for banns. They do get upset if it turns out that it was government funded like the piss christ. No one should have to pay the people that defame them, and governemtn funding is exactly that. But they don't ask for stuff like the piss christ to be banned. Often it illustrates to everyone how devoid of thought or artistic merrit such people are, because they are obviously devoid of artistic merrit. Oooo, you put a crucifix in a jar of urine, ooo your sooo clever. Their VIOLENT reaction shows that they can't defend themselves with words. And actually they can't, so they have to resort to violence. Their position is untennable. They have made their religeon into a man with a cartoon bomb turban. I think they should all be confronted with the mockery they have made of their own once great faith. Their VIOLENT response just shows how true the sentiment was. They did this to their Prophit, all the Danes did was point it out to them in an easy to understand format, and they couldn't handle the truth.
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