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Hey, we have every right to not vote. If you aren't informed don't throw randomness into the mix, it's bad enough as it is? Does every one know who their represntative is in congress? The name of both their state senetors? Do you know how they voted on NAFTA, on War with Iraq? Do you know who your state representatives and senators are? Do you know the name of your county commisssioner? The city councilman that represents the district you live in, if you live in a city?

Do you know the names of your school board members? Do you know what their position is on vending machines in schools, on teacher saleries? Do you know if any of them have kids in your schools? What if they send their own kids to private schools? What about sex education and allowing police on campus to do random locker searches? What about funding for special ed, or for kids in prison in other states. How much of your schools budget goes to administrators and how much goes to actual teachers? These are local issues that affect you everyday, and if you can't be bothered to learn the answers to these key decisions and where your school board members stand, then how can you be trusted to be informed about the Department of Agriculture?

If you can't be bothered to know this stuff, don't bother voting, you won't help any one. Most of the people who do vote are stupid and don't know what they are doing. And anyone who votes because of peer preasure rather then because they are informed are the ones who are stupid. Not just stupid, spineless and stupid.
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