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im not gonna buy the ps3, but i know it will own the xbox 360. im more into computers. but i do know a fact, *notice the word FACT*: the xbox 360 has graphics equal to that of 3 desktop computers put together. The ps3 has graphics equal to that of 7 desktop computers put together. Also, rmember good ol' Nintendo 64? those were 64bit graphics, ps3 will have somewhere around 1018bit graphics(correct me if im wrong there, i know its over 1000bit though)
lol dude you have no idea what your talking about do you?

the 360 has three fully functioning cores, each able to do the same thing three times or three different things at once while the ps3 has 7 "cells", those cells arent able to do very much as far as rendering goes

also, the 360 completely pwns the shit out of the ps3 with memory bandwidth as shown here

for storage the 360 has the removable 40gb laptop hdd and the blu ray (i think) dvd drive and they are offering an external HD-DVD drive

and the ps3 boomerang controller sucks anyway

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