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Originally Posted by Josephtou View Post
I`m uncut..I guess..there is skin on the head, I used to have the skin sticked to the bottom of the head (like in a circle), but with a fiew excersises long ago I managed to get it loose(separate it), as I read in the forum, it also heart at first times to pull the skin back(as I remember) but u get used to it!U will even enjoy it. The only skin which looks sticked is at the uretha, under it, by looking at an anatomy pic,looks like it`s called "frenulum of prepuce", a thicker questions refer to it:
Can u cut that? Is this what makes u cut or uncut? If u have it cut, does your penis grow?and do u loose that nice feeling at touch?

Some circumsised people have a frenulum still, and some don't, the difference really between circumsised and uncircumcised is really the removal of excess skin that overlaps onto your head , yes you can cut it but I would see a doctor about it. It wouldn't be a wise move if you are uncircumcised because the frenulum holds the skin together

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