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NZ political poll-Don’t know if many people will answer it though!
1 What political party do you support?Labour/Green swinging voter Green closer to my view but don't really agree with alot of their policies
2 Do you consider yourself far right (libertarian), Far right(conservative/anti-immigraton),conservative/centre-right, left (liberal), left(Environmentalist), far left(communist) or moderately centralist?far-left/left but a social conserative
3 Are you pro choice(Support abortion)?No, but I would not make it totally illegal
5 Are you opposed to change?No
6 Do you support the nuclear free policy?Yes
7 Do you support the Key government?No
8 Are you satisfied with the economic state of the New Zealand?Not really
9 Do you support NZ’s current stance on Iraq (commiting only SAS troops)?No SAS troops should go
10 Are you tolerant?Yes
11 Are you Christian or do you believe in Christ?Yes
12 Do you think New Zealand should reinstate Christanity as its state religion?Yes
13 Do you support immigration into New Zealand?Yes, but would like to see immigration lowered and refugee quota raised.
14 What is the most effective form of government to you? Democratic socialism with MMP
15 Should MMP be retained in NZ or would you like to see changes, if so what?Yes, 5% threshold should be removed though.
16 Do you think New Zealand should support the Kyoto protocol?YES!
17 Do you think Gay Marriage, or civil unions, should be legal?Marriage no, civil union yes
18 Do you friends ever call you racist or narrow minded?Never racist sometimes narrow minded
19 Do you think there should be changes to the controversial foreshore and seabed act, if so what?No
20 Where do you live in New Zealand?Timaru
21 Are you male or female? Male
22 Are you a minority, if so what?No
23 How old are you?18
24 Are you rich, middle class, or working class?Upper middle class
25 What is your sexual orientation?Straight
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