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Originally Posted by koler
we allready know its our freedom in america. but not in the middle east, it doesnt matter how free we are, its the fact that there not, and they saw people in europe blspeaming there religion (spelling horrid, don't point it out) if it was jesus in the newspaper, I'm sure christians would have something to say about it. It wsa instigating a fight, but it is unecessary. To bad they got so offended, but at least you can understnad were there coming from.
no. italian newspapers are constantly taking the piss out of the different denominations of cristianity.

the newspapers in iran and other asian countries are taking the piss out of the holacaust, and you don't see jews running around burning embassies like muslims are.

"Behead those who insult islam". Making their religeon sound great arn't they?
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