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Originally Posted by ACantstantEar
Bi-Polar: Bi-Polar or, like the poles, on opposite ends of the Earth. Basically, that takes into account for opposite moods. Bi means two, or in this case, two common feelings. You can feel manic and depressed, yet you take one either way. Like you get so depressed that you are manic. Or, you are manic, and yet you are depressed. Firstly, being so depressed that you are manic is like being depressed, so to the point where you dont want to live, so you get into a manic situation, ie: suicide. But, being manic, you get so angry and annoyed that it depresses you b/c you dont feel "normal", yet I have many definitions for that. [/b]
I do not doubt that you feel that way, but that is not what bi-polar means. People who are bi-polar often switch from a severe depression to an almost carefree manic happiness. Manic episodes and depressive episodes are rather mutually exclusive.

What you are talking about sounds alot like Major Depression
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