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Default when do i kno its time?

well i was going out with my boy friend yesterday, when out of the blue he said to me "you want to do it?" I was confused at first didnt kno what he meant. so i said "what u mean for what?" and he said "u kno have sex" and then he starting rubbing my legging going higher up, so i stood up and went to get a drink, then i told him i didnt wanna have sex.

Then when i was in the kitchen getting a drink i saw his sister and i was rather turned on when she split her drink on her dress and so i went to my boyfriend, at that point i had a feeling thay i was attracted to women instead of men is that normal i though, After that he walked me home and he seemed a little annoyed that i didnt want to have sex with him. So i'm not sure if i should go back with him and have sex. what do u think? dont wanna hurt his feelings he's a great guy.
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