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Originally Posted by CoffeeBeak
I'm not sure how many nerve endings there are.

The general theory is that the clitoris is similar to the head of the penis for guys, and that the g-spot is like the skin on the scrotum.

Very hard to get off on g-spot stimulation alone.
You are correct about the clitoris, it has the same number of nerve endings as the head of the penis. The g-spot is not similiar to the scrotum of men, however. Men do not have a similiar structure. Also consider yourself lucky that you can stimulate your G-spot, some women cannot.

70% of women cant get off on pure vaginal stimulation. That means massaging the clitoris is important to most female masturbation.

cromwell93, aim for something clean and small to begin with and see how it feels. Make sure you do it somewhere private as well.
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