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News papers are allowed to critisize anything, and support anything. This includes religeon, politics, clothing style, movies and plays, and anything else you can think of. This why it is called a freedom, and Congress shall make no law impeding the free excersize there of.

Comercial speach is regulated in an effort to protect consumers from fraudulant claims. But if you put the claims in a book, the governemnt can do nothing. The book "Health Cures they don't want you to know about" is a good example. The book is filled with fraud and missinformation that can even be dangerous, but they can't pull the book, because it is a book. T
hey can regulate what is shown on tellevision or said on radio because the government holds the public airwaves in trust for the people. Incedently, they own the radio waves used by your cell phone and have a right to listen to everything you say with one because your using the public airwaves. They don't need probable cause, they don't need a warrent. They do need the signal encryptian key used to spread spectrum your digital phone call, and they don't have it, SO THEY CLAIM.

Anyways freedom of the press is absolute. You can advocate seperation of the races, eutneasia of the sick and old, sterilization of the retarded or disabled, using owels as suppositories, that you think the holy grail is a woman, infavor of gay marriage, that president bush is the source of all bad things that happen, or anything else you might imagine.

Some people think that your freedom of expression is curtailed if you hurt some one, or offend them. It isn't. If you want to put it in a book, or a newspaper, or a website, your free to do it. Anyone who wants to take that away from you is your enemy. Without this freedom you're already dead.
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